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J.W. Lees Apology for “Blame John” Campaign: too Little too Late?

An unwelcome example of just how urgently some breweries need to update their marketing - and more importantly, their decision-makers' thinking - was highlighted earlier today when Middleton-based J. W. Lees was roundly criticised for the outdated, sexist messaging in its latest advertising campaign.

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Seasonal Special Beers for 2013 from the Breweries of Greater Manchester

It's December, which means Christmas: unfettered consumerism, tacky decorations, rubbish music*, the usual nonsense. But it also means Winter Ales, Stouts, Porters; altogether a much more delightful prospect.

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Bolton Beer Festival 2013: A Big Bolton Beer Bash

It's one of the biggest beer festivals in Greater Manchester and the North West. And yet I perceive that the Bolton Beer Festival's profile amongst beer aficionados is lower than it should be.

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