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Robinson’s Trooper Ale now in Christmas Gift-Packs, US Cans Coming Soon

Robinsons Iron Maiden Trooper AleRobinson’s Brewery’s bestselling Iron Maiden collaboration, Trooper Ale, is now available in a Christmas gift-pack from Morrisons in the UK and will be available in a 500ml ‘Tall-Boy’ can in the USA from January.

The Christmas gift-packs include a 500ml bottle of Trooper ale and a Trooper-branded pint glass and are available from branches of Morrisons. More info at

On the subject of the American cans, Robinsons says:

The first order of Trooper beer is currently in production and come the New Year 300,000 cans of Trooper will be setting sail for the US beer market.

Craft and imported beer takes a large chunk of the US beer market and have been growing year-on-year for the past decade. According to Peter Love, owner of one of the US’s most successful canning companies, Cask, sales of craft beer cans in the US are up 89% year on year; bottles, meanwhile, are only up a meagre 9%.

Again, more info on that story can be found at