The Manchester Ale News project has come to an end, due to a lack of anywhere near enough time on my part to maintain the site. (Honestly, the way the beer scene in Manchester alone has exploded in the past few years I’d need to be working on the site 24/7 just to have a hope of keeping up).

For the record though, I still think the ‘Ale News’ concept has plenty of potential, in the hands of someone with the enthusiasm and energy (or staff?) to run the site properly. With enough time and effort, it could be developed into a genuinely valuable News and What’s On service for the beer drinkers of the UK, as well as an opportunity for an advertising-based revenue stream.

If you’re interested in purchasing the registrations of the and domains and doing something useful with them, they’re yours for £200.00 (plus any applicable registrar transfer fees, depending on your service provider’s terms and conditions).

Please drop me a line to express your interest and we can sort out the details.